Since our community comes from all over the world, the conference language is in English!


#UF23 will be taking place right in the city centre of Stuttgart.

The primary venue is:

Haus der Wirtschaft
Willi-Bleicher-Straße 19
70174 Stuttgart


Further nearby venues include:

Gewerkschaftshaus DGB
Willi-Bleicher-Str. 20
70174 Stuttgart

Gewerkschaftshaus DGB
Willi-Bleicher-Str. 20
70174 Stuttgart

Marktplatz 1
70173 Stuttgart


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you book a hotel through our platform, you get a FREE public transportation ticket!

By train or bus: For inter-city train rides within German we offer a 10% discount on all trains to/from Stuttgart with Deutsche Bahn (DB).

By plane: For air travel, Frankfurt International Airport offers the largest number of direct international connections. Use the train terminal inside the airport and take one of the super convenient direct train services to Stuttgart (about 1.5 hours).


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Where exactly will #UF23 take place?

#UF23 will take place in the city center of Stuttgart. The main venue is Haus der Wirtschaft, located at Willi-Bleicher-Straße 19, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany.

Some sessions will take place in other locations that are within walking distance, for example Hochschule für Technik and Gewerkschaftshaus. Also, in Theaterhaus will be the FuckUp Night and the after-party.

How do I get to Stuttgart?

Urban Future partners with Deutsche Bahn (DB) to offer you a train special: discount found here.

As another option, international travel often runs smoothly when flying through Frankfurt International Airport. From the airport, the train is approximately 1.5 hours to Stuttgart.

*Also, don’t forget! Booking a hotel HERE lands you a FREE public transportation ticket!

How do I get my conference pass?

You will receive an email with all information on how to register closer to the event.

When you get to Stuttgart, you’ll find the conference check-in desks located in the lobby area of Haus der Wirtschaft.

 Simply provide your name, and you will get your own badge, serving as a ticket for all venues and sessions.

Check-in opens on June 20 at 2:00 pm. Once you’re checked in for #UF23, all you need to do is get your conference pass (and put it around your neck).

If possible, pick up your badge on June 20 already. This will help you avoid waiting in line the morning of June 21 (opening time for check-in is 7:30am).

Do I need to print my ticket/registration confirmation?

No, the digital version is sufficient.

Do I have to pre-register for conference sessions?


As always, you choose the session you want to attend and just show up. With limited capacity, be sure you are there on time. Few selected sessions, however, do require pre-registration: those sessions are specifically marked.

All field trips, in contrast, do require pre-registration.

Do I have to pre-register for field trips?


Pre-registration to field trips is mandatory as available seats are ususally highly limited. Pre-registration will open early May and as a ticket holder, you’ll be informed well before the registration window opens.

What is the main language of the conference?


#UF23 brings together CityChangers from all over the world. In order to make the experience most enjoyable for everyone, all Urban Future sessions will be in English.

Will all conference sessions be held in English and will translations be available?

All speakers will deliver their inputs in English.

In three rooms there will be translation from English to German available. Also, there will be two German sessions outside of the conference venues (in Stuttgart’s St. Maria Kirche) which are open to the public. There will be no fees or no registration required.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, the ticket may be transferred to another person before #UF23 has started.

To make a name change, contact the Urban Future service team at: Please note that for name changes, a fee of €10 applies.

Different conditions apply for special tickets such as student tickets, start-up tickets and young leader tickets. Please contact the service team for details.

Is catering included in the ticket price?


On the conference days of June 21 and June 22, #UF23 offers morning and afternoon coffee breaks as well as a vegetarian lunch at Haus der Wirtschaft.

Can I get a confirmation of attendance?

Yes, of course. You will automatically receive it after the conference.

I have a valid ticket from one of the conference editions that were cancelled due to Covid. How do I register for #UF23?

Please email Elke Babel-Sutter at

Do I get my money back if I cannot attend the event?

No, we are afraid not.

But we all know that a lot can happen in our lives. That’s why we have teamed up with “Europäische Reiseversicherung” to offer you the possibility to insure your ticket – and possibly event your travel & accommodation – against such unforseeable happenings, including a COVID infection.

Find all details here:

I require special assistance or have accessibility needs. Is the venue fully accessible?

We do our best to make Urban Future events as inclusive, supportive, and safe as possible. If you have any special requirements, please contact us at and we will work with you to best meet your needs.

Are there any online / hybrid elements at #UF23?

We strive to make this an immersive experience and do not currently hold online elements – all sessions and field trips are in person.